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Kantale Lake to relieve fatigue – Kandalama

Those of us who run after life’s goals don’t even know we are living.  Days and weeks and months go by without us even knowing it.  That’s why people are used to looking for a quiet place when their runnig fall.  you do not have to tell I how much freedom you feel when you sit on a lake like the ocean and look at the other side of the lake.  This is the journey in search of such freedom.

On the way to Trincomalee we come across Kantale Lake.  On our way to Trincomalee we came across this blue ocean under the sky which is a mixture of red and purple.  We decided to stay there that evening because of its beauty.  If you come to Kantale Lake in the evening too, you can experience this beautiful view with your own eyes.  When the day is over, the birds flying back to the nests, the distant mountain range, the blue sea will bring so much beauty to your eyes.  I really experienced that beauty.

We find the first evidence in the history of irrigation in Ceylon with the construction of the Abhaya Wewa during the reign of King Pandukabhaya.  Since then many kings who ruled this country have built tanks.  Accordingly, the Kantale tank is being constructed by AD.  King Agbo II, who reigned around 608.  History states that he created the Giritale tank in addition to the Kantale tank.

This lake has been created with a capacity of 114000 acre feet.  The bund of the tank is 2525 meters long.  The height of the bund is 16.75 meters and it has 10 sluice gates.  Ambepussa – Trincomalee road is located on the bund of the tank so you can easily experience the beauty of this place.  Over 24,000 acres of sugarcane and paddy cultivations in the Eastern Province are fed by the Kantale tank.

It is a well-known fact that there is a danger behind any beautiful thing.  Giving another example, this huge body of water was able to break the dam on October 2, 1986 and take 126 lives.  However, as such a tragedy is not known, even today these water bodies provide a wonderful pleasure to the tourist.

The Kantale Sugar Factory, a donation from the Government of Czechoslovakia, is located below the lake.  The villagers say that the lake wall looks very beautiful at night due to the factory lights.  But now that the factory is closed, we don’t have a chance to enjoy that beauty.

If you plan to spend the night by the lake, the best place to do so is Lake Front Rest, maintained by the Navy. It started since 1986 and it has been used as a military base during the war.  However, this is a beautiful hotel now maintained by the Navy.

I can tell you the beauty of the street in words, but I would like to say that you must go there yourself to experience its beauty. 

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