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Let’s climb the beautiful Ella Rock: Badulla

Badulla District is a district with many beautiful places.  It is a district in the Uva Province.  A large number of local and foreign tourists visit these places daily.  So those places are famous all over the world.  Ella, a world-famous tourist destination is also located in this area.  Ella is a very popular city and its most popular location is Ella Rock.

Ella Rock is a beautiful mountain.  The area is also known for its great ecological beauty.  This is one of the reasons why many people like waterfall rock climbing.  This mountain looks very green.  Most people would love to have this experience.  You will find different ecosystems and different animals on this trek.


The road to Ella Rock is easy.  You can use the Colombo – Badulla train journey which is the most beautiful train journey in Sri Lanka.  You will need to get off at Kithalella Train Station.  From there, after a short walk along the railway line, you will find the starting point of the mountain range.  From there you can walk up the footpath.  After a journey of about 4 hours we can reach the top.  Though it is thought to be a long journey, it will not feel like a long journey just because of the beauty of the environment.

Environmental beauty

Ella Rock has a unique ecological beauty.  You can walk through the fog and clouds.  I don’t think you need to describe the feeling you get when walking through the clouds in a cold environment.  On this trip you will have the opportunity to see tea plantations, scrub forests as well as places with tall plants.  At the top of the hill you can see many places like Little Adams Peak, Ravana Falls, Lipton Seat.  That beautiful experience will also add value to your life.

Many people say that the best time to start this mountaineering is between 8-9 in the morning.  The fog clears and a good environment emerges.  Many people like to watch the sunrise.  If you want to see the sun rise over Ella Rock, you have to start the trek around 3 in the morning.

Special attention

  • This environment is a sensitive ecosystem.  So avoid putting out non-perishable items, including plastic.
  • Avoid damaging plant parts and animals.
  • Be careful not to damage the environment when camping at night

You will get valuable memories while visiting these beautiful places.  It is our responsibility to preserve those beautiful memories for future generations.  So be careful when traveling.  Carry only beautiful memories and photos. 

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