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Beautiful waterfall with hidden secrets: Ravana Falls – Badulla

Ravana Falls is another popular tourist destination in Sri Lanka.  This waterfall is located in the Badulla area.  This waterfall has a very high tourist attraction.  It has become so popular that you can not find a day without a tourist near this waterfall.  Ease of access has also contributed to this.  Even more, the natural environment has made this place such a popular place.


Getting to this waterfall is very easy.  This waterfall is located near the Wellawaya main road.  Wellawaya Road, a major bus route, also facilitates the use of public transport to the falls.  Many people come here in different ways and spend a lot of time in this place enjoying this beauty.

History and legends

The name Ravana Falls is based on the name of King Ravana, a king who lived in Sri Lankan history 6000 years ago.  History, as well as folklore, states that during the reign of those kings the country was at a very technologically advanced level.  There are many related places around here.  It is said that one of the gates of the underground tunnel system which is said to have been built during his time is behind this waterfall.  The other end of it is found to be in the Dowa Temple.  Due to these reasons, this waterfall has been named after the kings of Ravana.  However, some say that this waterfall is not the Ravana waterfall in folklore but the Bambaragama waterfall.  They state that the real Ravana Falls exists in the forest.

Special attention

  • The water level of this waterfall changes rapidly so you have to be careful while bathing.
  • Due to the slippery nature of this place, bathing can be dangerous.
  • Please do not add non-perishable waste to the environment.

This is a fairly crowded place as it is a popular destination for anyone visiting the Badulla area.  Also, various researchers come to this place to find some secrets of Ravana Falls.  They are also investigating the caves at Ravana Falls.  Come and visit this beautiful place and you will be able to see many more beautiful places. 

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