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Bulathkohupitiya forest in search of a beautiful Falls – Nalagana Falls

We were fingering until the day came to get rid of the busy lifestyle.  We finally got the chance for a one day trip one day.  We love hunting for waterfalls so we tried to find a waterfall that could be reached in a day.  Finally another beautiful waterfall was our destination.  According to the information received, this waterfall can be traveled 51 km from Colombo.  That’s why we left in the morning.  For that, as usual, we used “Banda’s” vehicle.  We started the journey with a lot of hope.

From Nittabuwa we came to Urapola on Hanwella Road.  From there we entered Ruwanwella Road via Gonagaldeniya.  From there we were able to reach Bulathkohupitiya.  From Bulathkohupitiya we next entered Dedugala Road.  About 6km from Dedugala road there was a sign saying “Nalagana Ella”.  From there we entered a byway.  The road ends near a small power plant.  Since it was not possible to drive beyond, we stopped and prepared for the walk.

We continued along the footpath, telling jokes.  We also found a large water pipe that flows from the top of the waterfall to the power plant.  I remember falling when we tried to walk along it.  Having endured all this fun, we headed to Nalagana Falls. After walking a short distance through the jungle, we came across signs of an abandoned ancient power plant.  There was the sound of a nice waterfall.  We realized that we were very close to Nalagana Falls.  A few meters further from that old power plant we came across a long haul.  At the far end of the stream was the beautiful Nalagana Falls.

Close to “Nalagana” despite the rules

The boards said that it was forbidden to go near Nalagana Falls due to the rapid increase in water level, but despite all that, our hearts were drawn to get closer to it.  That’s why we jumped from rock to rock and got closer to Nalagana Falls.  Large boulders and small boulders jumped up and down and we moved forward.  Gradually we came closer to Nalagana Falls.  What a beautiful view!

Another Sabaragamuwa heritage

Sabaragamuwa Province has the largest number of waterfalls in Sri Lanka.  You may recall that we previously visited Olu Ella, the highest waterfall in Sabaragamuwa.  When Olu Ella is located in Yatiyantota, Dedugala is located in Nalagana Ella.  Situated in a small forest, this waterfall is a popular destination for local tourists.

Nalagana Falls gets its name from the fact that the water falls down like a woman’s saripota.  That’s the story of folklore.  But now the water level of Nalagana Falls has changed.  That’s because of the power plant below.  The power plant draws water from the upper part of the waterfall so that no large stream of water flows down.  On rainy days you can see a breathtaking view.

We ended our trek to Nalagana Falls and decided to leave.  You can also watch our journey to Nalagana Falls from our “YouTube” channel.  See you again on a beautiful journey.

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