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We explored the Niagara Falls in Sri Lanka – Olu Ella

My favorite thing about being a tourist is seeing the waterfalls.  It gives me more pleasure than climbing.  The waterfalls I have visited the most on my travel list.  There I found waterfalls of amazing beauty.  Some are near the main road.  You have to go through large forests for days to find more.  This is about a beautiful waterfall near by road.

 Another lovely morning

 We were looking for a beautiful destination on the internet for a day trip and our final decision was to go to Olu Ella.  It was unanimously decided to leave Banda’s car for that.  In the morning we got into the vehicle and reached Yatiyantota via Nittambuwa, Urapola, Gonagaldeniya, and Ruwanwella.  From there we went a long way down the sidewalk.  Eventually, we got as close to it as we could hear the sound of a waterfall.  There was a wooden bridge.  Next to it was a large waterfall.

 I saw Niagara.

 This waterfall in front of me is a huge one.  It’s really like Niagara.  The Niagara called it Dilshan Pathiratne, who first introduced the “Change” program.  That’s what I remembered the first time I saw this.  We parked our car next to the wooden bridge and reached the waterfall on foot.  As we got there the sun was about to rise so the top of the waterfall looked very bright.

 The story of the waterfall

 This waterfall is the fifth tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka.  It is 205 meters high.  It is also the tallest waterfall in the Sabaragamuwa Province.  However, the height is measured from the level of the bridge and is part of the waterfall below the bridge.  All in all, this waterfall is also known by some as the tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka.  But according to accepted documents this is the fifth tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka.

 Olu Ella is formed from the waters of the Vee Oya.  The streams flowing from the Ampana reserve combine to form the Vee Oya.  Olu Ella is created here as the most beautiful place of Vee Oya.  The name Olu Ella is derived from the fact that the color of the water is similar to that of Olu flower.
 The story of the bridge

 The wooden bridge at Olu Ella is also very special.  It is the longest wooden bridge in Sri Lanka for heavy vehicles.  In addition, there are buses.  It is created by dividing the middle of the headwaters.  On rainy days it is difficult to walk on it.

 Don’t forget to check these out too!

 If you visit Olu Ella, you can see several other places.  (I will bring articles after that) Among them are important places such as Wewelthalawa and Vavulgala.
 After enjoying all these beauties, we were ready to go back home.

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