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Come to Bogambara Lake to soothe your mind – Bogambara Lake Kandy

If you ask many foreigners what their favorite place in Sri Lanka is, the answer you will get is “Kandy”.  Kandy is so famous all over the world.  That is why we always go there in search of the beauty of Kandy.  My personal favorite place in Kandy is the Bogambara Lake Circle.  When the mind is tired I call it one of the 2 places I like to go the most.  The other place is the Ruwanmali Chaitya in Anuradhapura.  There are no other places where I can free my mind as much as these two places.

Looking at Kandy

The official entry into Kandy is through the Kaduganna Binge.  The beauty of Kadugannawa I had mentioned earlier.  When we pass that beauty and go towards Kandy we can see more beauty than that beauty.  On the main road, we can come near Kandy Lake.  The large trees along the main road add to the beauty of the environment.  If you walk under these Roberosian trees you will feel the feeling of heaven while you are alive.

So beautiful!

If you visit the Bogambara Reservoir before sunrise in the morning, you can see the Temple of the Tooth shining brightly at the edge of the lake.  It’s hard for me to describe the feeling I get when I look at it with streams of light.  Also, the sound of drums from the Temple of the Tooth gives us a different kind of inspiration.  Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.  As the sun slowly sets, various patterns of light begin to form on the waters of Lake Bogambara.  It is a beautiful sight.  People who come to the lake circle before going to work and refresh their minds, people who walk around the lake circle in the morning and exercise, young people who wait in the circle of the lake until their boyfriend or girlfriend arrives, this circle of the lake becomes busier.

If you can walk around the lake full of people during the day, sit on a bench there and be alone in a state of mind, you will understand the true meaning of the word freedom.  The birds that come to the nests feel that night is coming around the lake which is so busy throughout the day.  Their voices can be heard around the lake throughout the evening.  Gradually, streams of light make the lake circle more beautiful.  If you can spend a day around the lake, it will be the most beautiful day of your life.


The story of Bogambara Wewa goes back to the Kingdom of Kandy.  It was built by Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe, the last king of Kandy, the last kingdom of Ceylon.  He has ordered to convert the paddy field in front of the Temple of the Tooth into a lake.  History states that the lake and the Patthirippu of the Temple of the Tooth were his creations.

Thousands of tourists come to Kandy to visit this beautiful place.  If you still miss Kandy, come and enjoy its beauty right now

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