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In the middle of the mountain gate – Kadugannawa.

On another beautiful day we woke up in the morning.  We arrived at the bus station ready for the start of another beautiful journey with a lot of hope.  We board a Kandy-Colombo bus and begin our journey.  The bus passed Nittambuwa, Warakapola and Abeypussa and proceeded towards Kandy.  Our destination is Kadugannawa.  We reached Kadugannawa in about 2 hours.  We got off the bus at Kaduganna hill in the middle of Kaduganna hill with great difficulty.  To see the beauty of Kadugannawa better.

From the middle of Kaduganna mountain we started walking upwards.  With Lahiru Eliyath, Kaduganna Kanda has a new beauty.  The monkeys running along the road, the vehicles on the road in the morning and the mountains in the distance double the beauty.  Batalegala mountain can be seen in the distance through the slowly descending fog.  Experiencing all these beauties we had to move forward.

Another specialty of Kadugannawa is.  Those who travel from Kandy to Colombo and those who travel from Colombo to Kandy stop at Kadugannawa to quench their thirst.  Anyone staying in Kadugannawa will not forget to eat the ‘coconut Rotti’ that can be tasted at any of its shops.  They are so delicious.  “Coconut Rotti” is an inspiration to eat with a pinch of salt and pepper and drink a cup of hot tea.  They are so delicious.

After breakfast we explored the first special place in Kadugannawa.  That is the cave of Kaduganna.  In the past, there was no easy road from Colombo to Kandy via Kadugannawa.  As a result, the British invaded the Kingdom of Kandy and were always defeated at Kadugannawa and Balana.  The British then strategically captured Kandy, dug a hole in the Kadugannawa rock and made their way to Kandy.  It further enhanced the beauty of road design in Sri Lanka.  This road, designed by Sir Captain Dawson, was later rebuilt as it could no longer be used for heavy vehicles.  But this route has been in use until recently.  But now it has been taken out of use and made to look pretty tired.

We sat there for a while.  Batalegala mountain in the distance is clearly visible now.  To me it looks like a replica of Sigiriya.  The gentle breeze from time to time blew us away with fresh inspiration. I am so happy to have been born in such a beautiful country.

From there we started walking up again.  As we walked up, we could see a large monument near the Kadugannawa police station.  That was our next stop.  This is the monument to Sir Captain Dawson who built the Colombo-Kandy main road and the Kandyan railway.  With the permission of the guard there, we were able to climb to the top of the tower.  But on a very narrow road we landed at the top of the tower.  Climb to the top and we had a chance to see the whole city of Kaduganna.  A train went by, smoking on a distant train track, adding another page to the beauty of the environment.

The next highlight of the journey to Kaduganna is the Railway Museum.  Many of the materials used in the construction of railways in Sri Lanka can still be seen there today.  Therefore, if you are visiting Kadugannawa, be sure to visit it.  We boarded the train near the Kaduganna Railway Museum and left for Colombo.  We came not empty-handed but with a bunch of precious memories for life. 

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