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To Kolapathana Falls in the middle of the fog in search of Malsara’s memory – Mandaramnuwara

I think you should not describe the beauty of Mandaramnuwara separately.  That’s because it’s so popular.  I call Mandaramnuwara a must-visit tourist destination for people looking for the wonders of the environment.  I have visited it several times but that is why I want to go there again and again.  I must remind you that there are villages like this that are isolated from the world around them for people who love the environment.  I am not writing this article to mention the beauty of the entire Mandaramnuwara village.
Anyone who has been to Mandaramnuwara knows that it cannot be said in a single article.

In this post I am talking about “Kolapathana Falls” which is the most popular waterfall in Mandaramnuwara.  As far as I know, most people who go to Mandaramnuwara first visit Kolapathana Falls.  I first came to know about Kolapathana Falls through a program with the “WANDANAKARUWO” tour group by journalist Chathura Alwis through Travel with chathura.  From that day on I found out a lot of information about Mandaramnuwara and decided to go there.

Hours before sunrise, my tour group and I set off.  However, when we arrived in Kandy, the sun was barely visible.  The sun was shining and the Bogambara Lake was creating beautiful paintings for me.  The magnificent Temple of the Tooth beyond also supports the paintings.  Tired of Kandy for a while, we left for Mandaramnuwara.

Turning to the Padiyapelella Mandaramnuwara road, we felt that we were traveling to another beautiful world.  The vehicle we were traveling in had to travel up and down a steep hill.  After a few hours’ journey we finally reached that beautiful village.

A place that makes the mind so happy !!!  I wondered how many more beautiful places are hidden on this island?

Arriving at Mandaramnuwara we proceeded along the road to Kolapathana Falls.  We found a parking lot with an old dilapidated tea factory.  We parked our van there and started our trek in search of Kolapathana Falls.  We met many pleasant villagers who are well known for their hospitality.  They are very friendly and nice people.  On the way we came across a beautiful canal flowing away.  After all this we entered the Pidurutalagala reserve.

To Kolapathana Falls

At the entrance to the Pidurutalagala reserve you will see a ticket counter.  The mountains in the distance, the sound of the water, the occasional mist, the hailstorm, all of these gave us a good ride.  In the middle of the galaxy we finally reached Kolapathana Falls.

The stream of water that falls from a great height seeps into our bodies and falls into a nearby pond.  I loved that body of water that was as cold as ice.


There is a wonderful folk tale about how Kolapathana Falls got its name.  That is, in the past Malsara had come here with his queen to see the beauty.  They stopped for lunch near this waterfall.  It is believed that the waterfall was named Kolapathana Falls after that as they left to enjoy the beauty of the place after having lunch but forgot the leaf that wrapped their food here.

There we met another wonderful man.  Playing his buttons doubled and tripled its beauty.  He was so excited to play the button.  I’m sure you don’t have to realize how beautiful the sound of buttons, the drizzle, the mist that envelops the surroundings, and the cold that envelops the body.

Before leaving the village of Mist

We spent a few hours in this beautiful event and got ready to leave.  I left with a bunch of memories of the beautiful environment and thought I would be back in a few days.  I went there five times after that but I was eager to go there again.  We set out for Mandaramnuwara as there are many more places to visit.  If you go to Mandaramnuwara you will have the opportunity to see many places including BERAGAHANA ELLA, HANGUNA ELLA, POWER HOUSE ELLA, ATHINIWALA ELLA, among others.  We will tell you about all this separately.

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