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In search of an earthly paradise along Ravana’s cart road running through the fog – Chariot Path

In search of an earthly paradise along Ravana’s cart road running through the fog

When we look back at the history of Sri Lanka, its most advanced period is the time of King Rawana.  Some try to say that the history of Ravana is a myth by stating that there is no written evidence.  But many things related to King Rawana have been found in many places in Sri Lanka.  Therefore, it is my opinion that no one can say that King Rawana is a myth.  As a tourist, I have visited many villages, areas, creations and folklore associated with King Rawana.  “Nil Diyapokuna”, “Rawana Ella”, “Pidurangala”, “Sigiriya”, “Isurumuniya” and “Ritigala” are the main ones.  Today I am going to tell you about a place that is associated with the history of Ravana.

let’s start tour to chariot path

Today my destination is the “Chariot Path” which borders the Pidurutalagala Range.  I first came to Pussellawa and started my journey through the “Photoft Estate”.  Being prepared in advance did not make my friends and I face any difficulties in this journey.  No matter how difficult the journey was, the fog that constantly hovered over our bodies and the cold green environment made us not feel that awkwardness.  We were finally able to get to the place where the tent was planned before the sun crossed the distant mountain range.  The fog, the cold, and the gloom of the day had created a paradise ahead of us.

We were able to set up our tents the night before.  With dinner we got together near that cold fire.  We talked until the middle of the night, smiling at the beauty of the environment as well as the events that happened to us during the trip.  We fell asleep thinking of seeing with our own eyes the paradise that Ravana had actually shown to Sita after seeing the early rays of the sun tomorrow.

History Folklore

The name “Chariot Path” comes to this place along with the name of Ravana’s Cart Road.  According to the ancient people, Princess Sita, who was kept in the Sita Fort by King Ravana in the past, was taken across this road to show the beauty of the Haggala area.  Even today, we can accept the fact that this area is shaped like a cart road.


We wake up when the environment is bright.  I really felt like I was in paradise on earth.  It’s so beautiful.  It is beautiful enough to hold so many human minds in it.  That’s why I stay there with that in mind as I write this post.

In the distance you can see Samanala Kanda.  We are fortunate to be able to see the shrine where the footprints of the Supreme Buddha are located.  At the other end is the Sita Pond.  It is said that the pond was created from the tears of Goddess Sita.  However, many say that the water does not run dry even during the dry season.  The surroundings are surrounded by lush green mountain ranges.  They are magnificently made as guards on Ravana’s cart road.

The ecological features here are very similar to those of the Horton Plains environment.  You can experience the beauty of Horton Plains here as well.  After spending a few hours that morning on paradise on earth, we left with no intention of returning home.  We had the greed to leave that beautiful environment. 

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