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Hikkaduwa beach with a maximum adventure of coral reefs

Tourists visiting Sri Lanka have the opportunity to experience a variety of things.  In the meantime, the beach experience is great.  The South Coast is one of the most popular beaches in Sri Lanka.  There are a number of beautiful places on the south coast from the Kalutara border to Matara in the Galle section.  Hikkaduwa beach has a special place among them.  Hikkaduwa beach is famous for its coral reefs.  Also, a large number of tourists visit Hikkaduwa to see the turtles.  A large number of them are tourists from western countries.

Becoming a tourist destination

Like Arugam Bay beach, Hikkaduwa beach was used as a big fishing town in the past.  Due to the growing tourist demand in the area in the 1980s, the area gradually became a tourist city.  It has now become an area frequented by foreign tourists.  Most of them are tourists from western countries.  Today, the area is a major tourist destination.  A large number of different tourism jobs have also been created focusing on this area.

The beauty of Hikkaduwa beach


I mentioned earlier that Hikkaduwa beach is located on the south coast.  You already know that the South Coast is the most beautiful beach in the country.  Hikkaduwa is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  Foreign tourists call this beach “Hikka”.  Very special animals can also be seen here.  Meanwhile, turtles are in great demand.  Large crowds come to see the turtles.  In addition to turtles, you can also see different types of fish.  Boating in the middle of the sea and watching the fish and coral reefs is another highlight here.  The biggest attraction of all is the view of the coral reefs.  Coral reefs of various shapes and sizes can be seen here.

Special things about Hikkaduwa beach.

  • Coral reef viewing
  • Boating
  • Management Swimming
  • Surfing
  • Watching turtles
  • Various foods made from sea fish

With all this, you will have the opportunity to spend a beautiful evening at the beach.  The sunset reddens the sky at the far end of the sea and is a beautiful sight.  But many foreigners use this beach to get sunlight during the day.  However, in all these cases, the beach is a beautiful place.  As tourists, we must also keep in mind that we must preserve this place. 

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