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Why should you visit Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is one of the top tourist destinations in the world.  Sri Lanka has many beautiful tourist spots.  That is why Sri Lanka is known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean among tourists.  Sri Lanka is unique not only because of one thing but also because of various factors.  Sri Lanka is a multicultural country, having different food cultures, hospitable people, unique tourist destinations, and unique tourist hotels and villas are some of these.  Especially foreign tourists can know 7 reasons to visit Sri Lanka through this article.

01. Beautiful beaches around the country

As Sri Lanka is an island nation, the country is surrounded by the sea.  There are hardly any unused beaches among these beaches.  There are beaches that have become a tourist attractions as well as beaches that are used for fishing.  Sri Lanka has many unique beaches in terms of tourist attractions.  Among them Unawatuna Beach, Kalpitiya Beach, Mirissa Beach, and Arugambe Beach are unique.  Arugam bay Beach is one of the best surfing beaches in the world.  The southern coast of Sri Lanka is famous all over the world as the best beach for sun exposure.  Among them, coastal areas such as Galle, Colombo, Jaffna, and Mannar, which have archaeological value, are also important in terms of tourism.

02. Multicultural clothing of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka being a multi-cultural and multi-religious country brings many advantages to the tourists coming to this country.  Among them, they have the opportunity to see and buy different styles of clothes.  When traveling around Jaffna, you can see the unique clothing patterns of the Sri Lankan Tamil people.  When traveling in the mountains, you can see the clothing patterns related to the respective weather and the clothing patterns belonging to both the Tamil and Sinhalese communities.  The clothing pattern is also unique in the dry weather areas. 

The attraction of European tourists is the clothing culture centered in Kandy.  Many foreigners love to wear ossuary and national costumes.  The batik industry and the unique clothing patterns of this country are also receiving attention at home and abroad.  And the Indian and Bangladeshi tourists who come to this country are more interested in and appreciate the sari-related fashions in this country.

03. The most beautiful train journeys

If you travel to Sri Lanka by train, you will have many immortal experiences and many beautiful memories.  No matter what trip you take in this country, you will have a beautiful train journey.  The beach trip along the southern coastal belt and the long train journey to Jaffna through the dry region offers many different experiences to the tourists.  The most popular train journey in Sri Lanka is from Colombo to Badulla via Kandy and Ella.  From urban Colombo to beautiful Kandy, the train passes through beautiful fields, tea plantations, crowded towns, beautiful villages, waterfalls, and binges to cold Badulla.  During this journey, you will meet friendly Sri Lankans, various food found on the train, beautiful video clips, and photos.  Many foreigners also like the folk culture of that area because of the environment around Tewatu.  The best proof of that is the videos of world-famous YouTube tourists.

04. Beautiful religious shrines

Sri Lanka is a multi-cultural country as well as a multi-religious country.  The majority of the country’s population is Sinhala-Buddhist people, while a considerable number of Tamils, Muslims, and Catholics also live in the country.  That is why Sri Lanka has shrines belonging to all those religions.  Due to various artistic and creative ideas in the construction of these shrines, these places have acquired touristic value in addition to religious value.  Although the places of the same religion are built in different ways.  The shapes of some places have changed according to the time of construction, religious ideologies, the taste of the designers, and also the ideologies of the past.  Sri Dalada Temple, Kelaniya Temple, Anuradhapura Pooja City, Colombo Ratupalli, Tewatta Church, Nallur Temple, Koneswaram Temple, Kataragama Temple, etc. are the main religious tourist places in the country.

05. Wild elephants

Elephants in Sri Lanka can be mentioned as a special reason for tourists from European and western countries to visit Sri Lanka.  The wild elephants of Sri Lanka have great popularity in the world.  All the national parks of Sri Lanka have safari facilities to see wild elephants.  Especially the main parks including Wilpattuwa, Minneriya, Wasgamuwa, and Yala are the parks where elephants are abundant.  In addition, elephants are also taken in the Perahera concept, which is a Buddhist religious and cultural event.  For that, a large number of tourists come to visit them during the relevant seasons.  Especially when talking about the Kandy Dalada Perahera held in the months of July and August, elephants get a lot of attention.  One of the special features of elephants in Sri Lanka is that they have unique characteristics.

06. Distinctive food cultures

Tourists who come to this country pay more attention to the food patterns here.  Being a multi-ethnic country, there are different types of food in this country.  A specialty of the food here is the use of spices and chilies more than in other countries.  A survey related to hotels in Sri Lanka revealed that tourists who come to Sri Lanka order local dishes more than dishes from their own countries.  The Australian cricket team that came to this country recently could be seen talking highly about the hoppers in this country. 

In the Northern Province, Eastern Province as well as in Central Highlands, there is an opportunity to consume Tamil cultural food, while in the Southern Province as well as Kurunegala, Sinhala cultural food patterns can be seen in abundance.  Various food patterns are common in the Western Provinces and in the dry region, you can see their own food.

07. Beautiful tea plantations

Most of the tourists who visit this country mainly hope to visit the central mountains.  There, their main focus is to visit the beautiful tea gardens.  Many people like to take pictures with them.  While taking photos, you can see tea plantations in the Ella region, Demodara, Nuwara Eliya, Bandarawela, and Haputale, which are major tourist attractions.  Many tourists who take photos like this can be seen taking photos with women working in tea plantations as well as small children.  Among these photos, photos taken near the Demodara Arch name bridge are often trending on Instagram. 

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