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Top Instagram Hotspot in Sri Lanka

Due to the fact that Sri Lanka is a popular country in the field of tourism, beautiful photographs of Sri Lanka can also be seen on social media networks.  That’s because tourists from all over the world who come to Sri Lanka share them through their social media pages.  Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms for posting photos.  Various trends in world photography are created through Instagram.  With the popularity of photos of various beautiful places in Sri Lanka on Instagram, many people come to those places and try to take photos.  Accordingly, you can see many beautiful photos from different angles in different places.  Below are some of the major tourist destinations in Sri Lanka that are trending on Instagram.

01. Nine Arch Bridge – Ella

Ella is a beautiful town in the Badulla District.  Ella is a major tourist attraction and its Nine Arched Bridge is a very popular tourist destination.  Photographs taken from near this bridge on the Uphill country Railway are very famous.  There are several types of photos on the trending list, in particular, the most popular being the one that looks at the bridge from the middle of the tea garden below the Nine Arches Bridge.  In addition, photographs taken from the bridge gates and photographs taken while sitting in the middle of the railroad tracks are in high demand.  In addition, some foreigners are trying to take action photos hanging on the bridge.  But it is a very risky activity and can even lead to life-threatening accidents.  It is also popular to take pictures with the pictures drawn in front of and on the binge at this place.

02. Pidurangala

Pidurangala has topped the list of the most popular travel photography trends in the world in the last few years.  It is noteworthy that some tourists visit Sri Lanka for the same photo.  The specialty here is that these photographs are taken of the world-famous Sigiriya rock as seen from the ground.  Pidurangala is a place of historical heritage.  According to some beliefs, the triangular section of rock facing the sky was used by sages in the past.  It was later used by monks for meditation.  The weather in this place is mild in the evening as well as in the morning and maybe slightly sunny during the day.

03. Bhairava Kanda Temple – Kandy

Kandy is a beautiful city.  There are many beautiful ecosystems and great places for photography.  Among them, the Bhairavakanda temple also occupies an important place.  The most popular photograph taken at the Bhairavakanda Vihara is of the Buddha being seen from the side of the stairs in front of the Buddha.  Special care should be taken not to take photographs against the Buddha statue.  Buddhists believe that turning one’s back on that Buddha statue is an act of disrespect to the Supreme Buddha.  I would also like to request that you travel inappropriate attire to enter a Buddhist temple while traveling there.

04. Unawatuna Beach

Unawatuna Beach is one of the most beautiful and highly sought-after beaches in Sri Lanka.  Part of the world-famous South Coast of Sri Lanka, this is a photo gallery created by InstagramGram Trending.  Especially in the evening, the best time to take photos and the best time to take the most photos.  The color change of the sky as the sun sets aside adds more value to these photos.  The most photographed pose here is of a man walking along the beach looking at a large boulder on the beach.  In addition, the photos taken on the rock here are also highly appreciated on Instagram.

05. Ella Rock

It is one of the most popular destinations for foreign tourists visiting Sri Lanka.  Ella Rock is one of the most popular mountaineering destinations in Sri Lanka.  You can cross Ella Rock on foot from Kithalella Railway Station.  The best time to climb Ella Rock is early morning.  This trek is best done to watch the morning sunrise.  The most popular photo posture here is of a man sitting on a rock at the top of Ella Rock and taking in the surrounding mountains in the background.

06. Upcountry train journey

This collection of photos that disturbs Instagram is not limited to one place.  Available at many locations along the same Kandyan railway line.  Anyone who has visited Sri Lanka knows that the best train service in South Asia is the Kandyan Railway in Sri Lanka.  The journey from Colombo to Badulla Railway Station is through scenic spots, bilge wells, tea estates, waterfalls, and hills.  The natural beauty of the place begins when you cross the Kaduganna Valley.  From there to Badulla you will see a more beautiful environment.  Many people hang out at the train door and take photos here.  It is a bit risky but foreign tourists who come to this country love those photos a lot.  In addition, many people like to take photos and videos of the surroundings from the train door.  The section between the city and the waterfall is very appropriate when taking these photos.

07. Sigiriya

Sigiriya is the tourist heart of Sri Lanka.  Due to that, Sigiriya is one of the fascinators destinations on the map of the tourist of the world.  Among the Instagram photos, Sigiriya has become popular for its various photo poses.  Meanwhile, the photo taken from the entrance to Sigiriya with a view of Sigiriya from the ground is very popular.  In addition, photos taken from the top of Sigiriya rock are also very popular on Instagram.  But the most important thing to note here is that there is a no-go zone for taking photos of Sigiriya.  We urge visitors to refrain from taking photographs of it.  In addition, photos taken of Sigiriya beyond Sigiriya are in high demand among Instagram users.  Meanwhile, photographs of Sigiriya being seen from the swimming pools of the aforementioned Pidurangala rock and the hotels around Sigiriya are gaining popularity.

08. Galle Fort

Galle Fort is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Sri Lanka.  Fort is especially popular with European tourists visiting Sri Lanka.  Especially the photo taken from the side of the lighthouse in Galle Fort has become very popular.  In addition, photographs taken near restaurants in Galle Fort are often popular.  Evening and night are the best times to take photos in Galle Fort.

09. Ambuluwawa Tower

Sri Lanka is a multicultural country.  The Ambuluwawa Tower can be identified as a major factor in this.  Built on top of it, the tower is a hazard as well as a place frequented by many.  Instagram photos as well as Instagram short videos are the most popular in this place.  He also uses these photos to share with the viewer the risks he is going through.  Selfie sticks are especially used here.  The risks can be well demonstrated to others.  But tourists should also be aware of the risks.

10. Coconut Tree Hill – Matara

Coconut Tree Hill is one of the most popular beach resorts in the world.  This part of the Mirissa beach is one of the most popular photos on Instagram.  Most of the photographers here are women.  These popular photos are taken from the coconut groves overlooking the sea in the distance.  In the meanwhile, many people take their photos with their veils blowing in the wind.  It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Europe. 

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