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Vishwakarma Creation on the Railway – Nine Arch Bridge

If someone asks you what is the most beautiful train journey you can take in Sri Lanka, most people will answer that it is the Colombo-Badulla journey.  That’s because of a trip with so many different beautiful experiences.  There are many special places on that train journey.  Among them are tunnels, various bridges, various estates, and various parking lots.  The highest of all these. My feeling is that the Nine Arches Bridge has a tourist value.

History story

The Nine Arches Bridge was built during the British colonial period.  It is said that the construction work was done during the time when the British were facing World War II.  The bridge, which was designed by British engineers using steel, could not be built as planned.  Because of the rising demand for iron for World War II.  It is said that this was created by Sri Lankan engineers using stones at a time when construction was stalled.  It was headed by P. K. AppuhamyD.J. Wimalasurendra, a renowned Sri Lankan, was in charge of the project on this railway.

Tourism value

There are still a lot of trips coming to see this unique creation.  This place is especially popular with foreign tourists.  Many people like to take photos of the bridge from the tea estate below the bridge.  The photos taken in this way are on the social media accounts of many tourists.  This place is also located between Ella and Demodara train stations.  Both of these places are easily accessible to major tourist destinations.

Special attention

  • You have to be especially careful about the trains when traveling in this place.
  • Also, if you are taking risky photos, you should think about your safety first.
  • This environment and the environment below the bridge should avoid the dumping of various wastes.

This bridge is also known by many as the Sky Bridge.  This is one of the most beautiful destinations in Sri Lanka.  From this place, you can travel to some other beautiful places.  You can travel to many other places, especially the Demodara train junction, Ella town. 

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