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The Great Wonder of South Asia: Sigiriya

There are 7 wonders in the world.  They showcase the creativity of artists of the past.  There are a number of such amazing creations in Sri Lanka.  The most popular and prominent of these is Sigiriya.  There are many tourists in the world who visit Sri Lanka to visit Sigiriya.  That is why Sigiriya is always full of tourists.  If I mention that this is the most popular tourist destination in Sri Lanka, there is no doubt about it.


Traveling to Sigiriya is a very easy and popular route.  From Colombo to Ambepussa by Kandy road and from there to Ambepussa – Trincomalee road.  On the same road, after passing Dambulla town, proceed slightly and reach Inamaluwa junction.  From there you can turn right and head towards Sigiriya.  On the way you can see Sigiriya and enter through 4 main gates.

History stories and folklore.

Sigiriya has several major historical stories.  The most popular and well-known story is that of the Kashyapa kings.  Prince Kasyapa, the son of King Dhatusena, who ruled the Anuradhapura kingdom in the past, killed his father and usurped the kingdom.  History has it that he chose this rock to rule under the protection of his brother Prince Mughal.  The other story belongs to ancient history.  It is said that this rock was built as a palace by a creator named Maidanavan towards the kings who ruled the country before the kings of Ravana.  It is said that after that several kings including Sumali, Kuvera, Ravana and Vibhishana ruled from here.

Amazing creations

Sigiriya is considered by some to be the 8th wonder of the world.  There are a number of reasons for this.  This is because of the way in which some of the designs were created, even in modern science today.  The key here is irrigation technology.  Water pools and water parks have been built on top of the Sigiriya rock.  The irrigation systems that carried the water to them were amazing.  Among them are still active water lilies.  Eve is active all year round.  The gardens and ditches built on Sigiriya have attracted the attention of tourists mainly due to their amazing beauty.

Murals and mirror wall

Another reason why Sigiriya is so popular is the murals.  In the past, these paintings were drawn on this rock by the great artists of this country.  These pictures show naked women carrying flowers on their tops.  The fact that these paintings have been around for hundreds of years gives an insight into the technology used for these paintings.  In addition, the mirror wall is another popular feature.  In the past, tourists who visited this rock had their thoughts written on one of the walls of the rock.  There are notes from different periods.  Accordingly, an understanding of the evolution of the Sinhala language can be obtained.

Environmental beauty

Sigiriya is located in a beautiful environment belonging to the dry zone.  Also, from the top of the Sigiriya rock, we can see various beautiful events.  Among them, Pidurangala rock and Kandalama tank are the main ones.  The surrounding paddy fields and scrub double this ecological value.

Special attention

  • Watch out for bee attacks
  • Avoid touching the walls
  • Art capture is punishable.
  • Be careful when climbing.

Visitors to Sigiriya can see a number of other creations nearby.  Among them are Dambulla Cave Temple, Pidurangala Rock, Kandalama Lake, and many more.  Many tourists prioritize these places during their visit to Sri Lanka. 

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