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The mysterious Pidurangala rock at the entrance of the universe

There is a curiosity about certain facts and events in the history of Sri Lanka.  What is said to have happened in history in folklore and folklore is closer to the findings of modern science.  The Pidurangala rock has many similar stories.  Pidurangala is not limited to those mysterious stories.  Pidurangala is an area of ​​beautiful natural beauty.  As such, Pidurangala has become a major tourist destination in Sri Lanka.  Every day a large number of tourists come to climb the Pidurangala rock and pay homage to the historic Pidurangala Rajamaha Viharaya.


The route to Pidurangala is the same as the route to Sigiriya.  Come to Ambepussa town on Colombo Kandy road and from there pass Dambulla town on Ambepussa – Trincomalee road and reach Inamaluwa junction.  Turn right at Inamaluwa Junction and proceed on Sigiriya Road.  Pass the Sigiriya rock for another 2 km.  Then you can visit Pidurangala Rajamaha Viharaya.  Along the way, you will be able to see more beautiful surroundings.

Stories of history and folklore

Pidurangala is mentioned in the 2500 year written history of Sri Lanka during the reign of King Kasyapa.  Prince Kasyapa, who killed his father and abducted him, came and hid in the Sigiriya rock.  At that time, the great Arahants were using the Sigiriya rock for meditation. However, the Sigiriya rock was more suitable for the king to hide and use as a palace.  According to history, the king built a cave temple with 60 caves on the Pidurangala rock for the monks.

According to folklore, the story of this rock goes back more than 6000 years.  It is even older than the kings of Ravana and Kuvera.  It is said that the sages worshiped the sun on this rock when the ancient kings ruled the country from Sigiriya.  Sages are people who have developed their minds mentally.  According to history, they used the triangular slope of the rock as a stargate or a universal gate.  Today it is said to be an inactive stargate. However, all of that has not yet been confirmed by science and is simply a public belief.

Environmental beauty

A few years ago, photographs taken from the rock of Sigiriya in the background caught the world’s attention.  Tourists from all over the world came to Sri Lanka in search of the place where the photographs were taken.  That is Pidurangala.  Photographs can be taken from the Pidurangala rock behind Sigiriya.  That beautiful environment brought a lot of beauty to those photos.  Sigiriya can be seen from behind and Kandalama Lake can be seen from another side.  In the distance, you can see the small stupas of the sacred city of Anuradhapura.  Therefore, more beauty can be seen on the Pidurangala rock.

The Pidurangala rock is reached through the Pidurangala Rajamaha Viharaya.  You will get a chance to see a large number of caves in that temple.  As I mentioned earlier, about 60 caves were built in this area in the past.  Many people who visit the Pidurangala Rock also have the opportunity to pay homage to this temple.

Special attention

  • Since Pidurangala is a temple, you have to come to a temple in proper attire.
  • The Pidurangala rock has dangerous slopes so you have to be careful while standing on it.
  • Bees need to be taken into consideration when operating things like drones.

If you come to visit Pidurangala Rock you will have the opportunity to see many things including Sigiriya Rock, Team Lake, Dambulla Cave Temple in one day.  Sigiriya Rock is one of the premier tourist attractions in the world.  Also, many tourists who visit Sri Lanka prefer to visit the Dambulla Cave Temple.  If you come to visit Pidurangala you can see all this in one day. 

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