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Mihinthalaya where Sri Lanka received Buddhist philosophy

Does anyone know that Sri Lanka is a country associated with Buddhist philosophy?  Sri Lanka has been in harmony with Buddhist philosophy since ancient times.  It dates back to the Buddha’s lifetime.  Many things related to Buddhist philosophy can be seen in Sri Lanka.  Buddhist religious places are important among them.  Anuradhapura district is home to many important temples in Buddhist philosophy.  Earlier we brought articles about Anuradhapura Pooja city.  This article is about such an important place.

From Anuradhapura city, you can reach Mihinthalaya after about 17 km on the road towards Trincomalee.  It is easy for you to identify the city as the Rajarata University of Sri Lanka is located near the city of Mihintale.  You can reach the Mihintalea Rajamaha Vihara after going about 1 km from Mihintalea town back towards Kandy.

The specialty and history of the Mihintalea temple

It was at this place that Mihidu Maharahat, who brought the Buddhist philosophy from India to Sri Lanka, met King Devanampiyatissa, who ruled Sri Lanka at that time.  Therefore, this place is known as the place where Sri Lanka received Buddhism.  It is mentioned in history that later King Devanampiyatissa built a temple at this place.  Since then, this place is known as a place of pilgrimage for Buddhists all over the world.

Among the places to visit in the Mihintalea temple, the rock called ‘Aradhana Gala’ is special.  According to history, when the king was preaching the dharma, God was invited to listen to the dharma on this rock.  In addition, at the foot of that rock is the place where King Kotukara met with the great arahants, surrounded by a golden fence.  If you come near Mihintale Sky Pagoda, you can see many main pagodas including Ruwanveli Saya in Anuradhapura city.

Environment and animals related to Earth

Mihintalea is an area belonging to the dry zone.  That is why plants and animals belonging to the dry zone can be seen.  Deer can be seen in large numbers in this area.  Many species of monkeys, wild boar, and wild boar can be seen in this area.  There are many lakes in this area.

Other places to visit in this area.

Near the town of Mihintalea, there are many tourist destinations belonging to the dry region as well as many places close to Buddhist philosophy.  Among them, there are many lakes like Mahakanadara Lake, Nachchaduwa Lake, and Nuwara Lake.  Kaludiya Pond, Rajagiri Caves, Katu Saya, and many archeological places are also there as places of worship in this place

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