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Let’s go to Narangala to see the sunrise first

Narangala mountaineering was a trip we took a few years ago.  It was another action trip that we really enjoyed.  Narangala Kanda is located in the Uva Province.  Narangala Kanda with a height of 1500 meters is known as the highest mountain in the Uva Province.  The Narangala mountain range is one of the most fun mountaineering in Sri Lanka.  The green grass that stretches across the mountain brings freedom to the mind.  Cold, free and gentle breezes heal the mind.


We started this cruise tour from Colombo.  We came to Bandarawela from Colombo via Ratnapura on the Badulla Road.  From Bandarawela come to Hali Ela and from there go to Kandegama.  Once you reach the village of Keenakelle, you can start climbing.  You can park your vehicle carefully at a nearby house.  Narangala mountaineering is not difficult compared to most active mountaineering in Sri Lanka.  In the beginning, there were a few steps but you had to walk a long way through the tea plantations.  I have to say this was a really nice trip.

I think it would be more appropriate for you to see with your own eyes than to say how beautiful Narangala is.  After the climb, you will find a dagoba at the top of the hill.  But there is not enough evidence to say that it is a place of worship for the saints.  The lower part of the top of Narangala mountain is green.  That’s the part of the green grass.  I would not be surprised if you come to the top and feel free to run on it.  I thought so too.  I did so.  I enjoy the peace of mind that a tourist gets there.  It felt closer to my mind.

Night camp and first sunshine

We landed at Narangala and prepared our camp.  Gradually the sun disappears from the western sky as our camping is over.  Our bonfire was well lit.  We did not count on the sky because it was not raining.  There was no sound in this environment except our song at night and the night breeze.  After we had finished the roasting meat we went to bed having fun singing and hoping to wake up to see the first sunshine.

By morning, the cold was quite severe.  At about 4 in the morning I came out in that cold.  In the distance small electric currents appeared.  Gradually time passed.  The rest of our team joined me.  Our tea was ready before sunrise.  Meanwhile, the rising sun of the season appeared in the eastern sky.  Beautiful scenery.  The view was as beautiful as the rising sun on Mount Sri Pada.

After this beautiful journey we again removed our camp and extinguished the fire.  Then we cleaned up where we were and got ready to come back.  Badulla attracts a large number of tourists.  Meanwhile, the number of people coming to climb the Narangala mountain is very high.  As such, it was learned that restrictions have been imposed on this mountaineering.  There are a few things you need to be aware of as you travel this journey.  by the time

  • On rainy days you may be subject to leprosy attacks.
  • As it is a land without large trees, you have to face the sun throughout the journey.
  • Traveling on lightning days is dangerous.
  • There is no water at the top of the mountain

Definitely remember

As tourists, we value the beauty of the environment.  That is why it is our duty to protect it.  That is why we must take care not to harm the environment when camping and relocating in those places.  The non-perishable waste we use must be disposed of without disposal.  Those places should be kept clean.  Because of this we can save beautiful destinations for the future as well. 

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