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Let’s climb the beautiful Little Adam’s Peak: Badulla

If you are visiting Badulla, here are some must-visit places.  You can have different experiences in each place.  Ella Rock, Nine Arc Bridge, and many more.  Most people like to climb in the meantime.  Little Adam’s Peak is a mountain that can be climbed quite easily by those who like to climb.  In this mountain range, you can see a beautiful environment.  Walking up through the fog and clouds you will have a great travel experience.

History stories and folk beliefs

This place also has different folk beliefs.  As we said in previous articles, King Rawana in ancient times ruled over this area.  Accordingly, there are a large number of stories related to him in this area.  Little Adam’s Peak is one of them.  The palace of King Rawana was located near this hill.  The king used the top of this mountain for sun worship which was the main method of worship at that time.  This mountain is known as the most suitable mountain for that.  This is because the sunrise from that eastern map is more clearly visible to this mountain.  According to British religious beliefs, Adam came to earth through this mountain when he was expelled from heaven.

Let’s climb Little Adam’s Peak.

There is a fairly easy way to climb this mountain.  You have to climb the mountain on foot.  You can see the most beautiful views of the surroundings.  In the distance you can see various mountain ranges, falling waterfalls and climbing this mountain.  While climbing this mountain you will find a place with a Buddha statue.  Many people like to take a photo with the environment around the place.  A short distance away you will find a place set up to land the helicopter.  After passing all this you have to reach the end of the mountain girl.  There you can see the real heaven.

Special attention

This area is a place with valuable biodiversity where various animals roam.  So it is our responsibility to protect it.  Therefore,

  • Avoid doing things that are harmful to the environment, such as fires.
  • Do not add non-perishable items to the environment.
  • Be careful when approaching unsafe photographs.

This environment is one of the most beautiful in our country. If you visit Badulla you will be able to see many more beautiful places around.  These include Lipton Seat, Ella Rock, Rawana Ella Falls, and many more. 

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