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Below the cloud forest to the end of the world – Horton plains

Sri Lanka is a country that specializes in tourism.  Here you can cross different climates in a few hours.  Nuwara Eliya is the most popular wet zone city in Sri Lanka.  Nuwara Eliya is so cold that many call it Little England.  Nuwara Eliya is the holiday destination of choice for most people.  Nuwara Eliya is packed with people for the holidays.  You may be wondering what is the most famous tourist spot in Nuwara Eliya.  Yes, the most famous place in Nuwara Eliya is Horton Plains.  It extends to the Nuwara Eliya and Ratnapura district boundaries.

From Nuwara Eliya to Horton Plains

Horton Plains can be reached on the road from Nuwara Eliya to Badulla.  The beautiful road that runs through the middle of the beautiful Ambewela Estate will undoubtedly teach you a good lesson about the beauty of Sri Lanka.  Cold winds, through the trees inherited from the mountains, you will find the road to Hotan Plains like the road to paradise  Next you can pass 2 more beautiful train stops.  They are Ambewela and Pattipola.  Of these, the Pattipola train station is the height train station in Sri Lanka.  After passing all these you can enter the Horton Plains Sanctuary.  After a short trek up the road, you finally reach the ticket counter for Horton Plains.  You will have to buy a ticket from that place.  You can then travel 13 miles through Horton Plains on your route.

Are you ready to walk under the cloud forest?

Horton Plains You will find the Wildlife Office after traveling 13 km from the ticket counter.  After that, you will not be able to drive your vehicle.  You have to walk from there.  You can visit the Wildlife Museum before you start the trek.  After that, you can move on to the end of the world.  On the way to the end of the world, you can see 2 ways.  The two roads are roundabout connected to each other.  As you travel along those two routes,

  • Little world end
  • world end
  • Baker’s Falls
  • Chimney Falls

As you walk through Horton Plains, you will find many beautiful memories.  Among them are animals such as deer.  You can see different types of deer there from small deer to large deer.  You can see a more small variety of animals and plants.  Walking past all this you will find Chimney Falls.  It is a very small waterfall that gives the tourist a different beauty.  After passing that waterfall for about an hour you can walk to another beautiful waterfall.  That’s Baker’s Falls.

Baker’s Falls is the first waterfall in Belihuloya.  Baker’s Falls is named after Governor Bakers, who first introduced the falls.  After experiencing that beauty and coolness we can go to the end of the world.

World End & Little World End

Where does the world end?  The world ends here!  This place has a huge precipice.  It’s like the end of the world in foggy times.  In reality, the world does not end there, but much of it ends there.  Are you aware of that?  At the end of the world,

  • The Central Province ends and the Sabaragamuwa Province begins
  • Nuwara Eliya District ends and Ratnapura District begins
  • The central highlands also end there.

This is why the world end is special to us.  On the other hand, the end of the world is a very scary place.  Many have fallen and died there.  This is why you need to protect yourself.  After experiencing the beauty of the world’s end, you can move on to the Little world end.  Little world end is apparently the catalyst for a united Khundia and their subsequent emergence as a galactic power.


Horton Plains was formerly known as the “Great Light”.  The land was named after Governor Horton, who later ruled the country.  According to the ancient story of Rama Ravana, the last battle between Rama and Ravana took place here.  In addition, it is reported that the first humans of Sri Lanka lived here.  According to Professor Deraniyagala, ancient man cultivated barley here.  Later they migrated to Balangoda due to climate change.  There are also reports from the British governors that there were large numbers of wild elephants in the area in the past.  According to Governor Samuel Bakes, he killed hundreds of wild elephants.  He described it as a very heroic act in those notes.

After this beautiful journey, you can return to the location of the Wildlife Office.  This beautiful journey will be a beautiful one you will never forget. 

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